Mr. Ivriniel is on the phone with ABiL right now. About two hours ago, ABiL went to talk to his Dad about renting one of his houses. It did not go well. My FiL was waiting for him with a printed up list of everything he thinks is wrong with the Annoying Inlaws, and what he thinks they should do to fix it. ABiL got mad and stormed out of the house before they even got to talking about renting a house.

This is apparently a pattern with my FiL. When Mr. I was a kid, FiL would hold family meetings where OSiL would be presented with lists of her supposed behaviour flaws and what she could do to rectify them. My OSiL doesn't have a relationship with her father for very good reasons.

My FiL thinks he knows what is wrong with everyone else and exactly what they should do to fix it.

Right now, Mr. I is trying to convince him that renting either house is a bad idea, and he should look closer to where his new job is but it sounds like ABiL is having none of it.

If they do manage to rent a house from my FiL, apparently ASiL told my MiL they plan to sell their old place themselves without a realtor. This should be interesting. ASIL has a seriously inflated sense of what their place is worth and how fast it will sell. (She has long insisted it will sell immediately.). It is a two bedroom, middle unit townhouse with a serious mold problem in the basement, that you can smell when you step in the door.


My FiL's girlfriend is a realtor and has tried to give them advice, but ASiL would have none of it. She thinks she knows better.


According to my MiL, my FiL did not just present him with a written list, he presented him with a report, with a title page and everything.


Among other things, he tried to give ABiL parenting advice because he had "raised a girl and knows how hard it can be". This from a man who stopped talking to his daughter when she was 12 and still does not have a relationship with her. And from a grandfather, who when his 2 year old granddaughter is taught to say hello to him in Polish responds to her by saying "Annunciate, girl!"