Why do kids always seem to manage to throw up on the carpet? And at 10pm? My 12 year old was horribly sick all over the living room rug about half an hour ago. Poor kid. He doesn't talk much or communicate much (he has Asperger's), but he refused dinner and said his stomach hurt a couple hours ago. He now has a bucket and a roll of toilet paper (out of paper towels, of course) and is in bed, reading.

But, dammit... my rug! How do I clean that out without a) throwing out the rug or b) taking it in to be cleaned (which cost me $75 last time)? I don't have much in the way of cleaning stuff, I'm pretty much a baking soda and vinegar cleaner.

I had a feeling this was coming, given that I was sick last Monday, the TeenChild on Friday, and Husband last night. I'm dreading the 2 younger ones getting sick... they both tend to panic when they throw up.

Is it wrong that I'm almost glad I have a stuffed up nose, so that, while I had to clean it, at least I didn't have to smell it? Also, I'm pretty happy that he refused dinner, in the grand scheme of things.

I hate dealing with barf. I hate throwing up even worse than cleaning it up, so I am praying to every god that exists that I don't get this again. Cross your fingers for me that this is the last episode of this particular show!