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And Groupdrink Hours 1, 2, & 3 are Gone

Y’all, I think Groupdrink was fabulous last night! I enjoyed reading what everyone wrote and I wish I had been more awake and raring to go so I could have played too (though there is an ENTIRE fall & winter for that)!

If you’re wondering about why the posts went POOF! it is due to the shittiest of all the shitty Kinja platform changes that took effect this spring.


If you are a newbie or unaware, the new platform changes make is next to impossible (truly impossible) for you to keep anything 100% private in the Gawkerverse, which love it or hate it, we’re a part of it, just like always.

AND THANK YOU, so very much, for the people who made Groupdrink so much better and so much longer, taking over Friday and pulling Saturday way past what I did!

<3 RBE

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