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And Here We Go...

I'm off to Austin. I want to get the fuck out of there before it starts sleeting. Unlikely as the warning starts at 2 pm and I own too much shit. Hopefully Mr. Bright Eyes was able to pack a bunch of my stuff for me. I will return home with:

-ALL of my things!

-A New Bed

-A New Mattress

-A New Pillowtop

-Two New Pillows

-Whatever other shit my lovely parents purchase at Ikea

You guise have already made me feel like I can get through this day and I'm so grateful for that. I'm not nervous now- I just want to get it all done. I'll check in once I'm home. I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Lizzhaa, I hope there's no hangover, but you are amazing.


See you on the other, sunshiny, side side of this possibly shitty day!

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