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Welcome To The Bitchery

And the Hits Keep Coming

Mr. Ivriniel tried to talk to ABiL today. He tried to steer clear of the mess from the weekend, and focus on helping his brother problem solve selling his house. No good deed goes unpunished.

ABiL asked if Mr, I had talked to their Dad in the last 24 hours. Mr. I said he had, but that they had only talked business, which is true.


ABiL said "Did you know Dad gave me a list about how to fix my life?"

Mr. I said "Yes, I heard, it even had a cover page."

ABiL "Oh,so you did talk to Dad! Now at least I know whose side you are on!"


Mr. I tried to redirect the conversation. He had been researching storage lockers to try and help the Anmoying Inlaws move their crap so they can sell their house. The mention of a storage locker made ABiL freak out again. He started to demand to know where we had gone in his house while we were babysitting. "You only went into the living room and niece's room, right?" He doesn't know we know about the piles of crap, and is actively trying to hide them. The good news on this is, he probably won't ask us to help move the crap piles.


The other nugget of note from the phone call: ABiL has decided he will rent a storage locker from a company that gives you the first month free if you rent a van, because he believes there house will sell in 2 to 4 weeks after they put it on the market.

My FiL's realtor girlfriend says that the only person who will want to buy their place is a flipper who will gut it. They will not want to take the money a flipper would offer.


We need to go in the city where they live for a Visitation tomorrow. I told Mr. I if wants to meet with his brother on his own afterwards, I will find a place to be.

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