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This is the weekend my parents and I are traveling to Austin to pack up all the things from Mr. Bright Eyes' and my house. He won't be there when we get there, but will probably come by at some point. He has to stay at the former Bright Eyes rental-residence with our roommate because the lease goes until June and he works up there.

Texas has made it relatively simple to file a divorce in cases where nothing is contested. You both sign a few pages, file it with the court and 61 days later, poof, divorced. It's so simple that it seems like a joke. Mr. BE and I were married almost 5 years ago, without friends and family, in front of the JP. That simplicity seemed freeing and empowering. I suppose this one is, too.


When we were married in January of 2005, I remember I kept asking Mr. Bright Eyes if he had nerves about us getting married and he'd say "no, not at all." He'd ask me, and I'd say, "No." I'm still sure it was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I was never more sure of making a decision in my life. The prospect of all the amazing little things we've come to do together and for one another never happening again is heart-wrenching, but I am sure it is right.

I've sent Mr. Bright Eyes a list of stuff to decide what he'd like to keep or have me take. Right now I can't imagine packing all my stuff, our stuff that we had together. But, I'm hoping it's oddly like the day we got married. It was early and too cold for Texas, I was and had been sick, I was oddly calm and collected during such an emotional moment (for me) and we ended the day eating and drinking with a few friends (after a long nap). Sunday is going to be too cold for Texas and I have a decent upper respitory infection. I'm hoping with the need to get things done, my Xanax will keep me calm, but not make me so sleepy that I can't pack and head home (I will not be driving). I have you guys and a few very good friends who will make sure that I eat and drink :-D

Monday is going to be rough. But there's Tuesday to look forward to, I suppose...

ETA: I want everyone to know how much I appreciate your help and advice. An attorney has been consulted on the matter, I still get along with Mr. Bright Eyes and there's literally nothing contested in the matter.

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