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And it just keeps getting worse - Follow up post

So today really really sucks. I can't remember being this embarrassed about the way that I look, even though I know I shouldn't since it's not exactly something I can help. I really desperately needed some more cortisone cream and benedryl, so I decided for lunch I would venture to walmart, keep my head down, use back aisles and get some. While I was there, feeling sorry for myself I figured I'd get some candy.

I decided on tootsie roll pops. Being the smart person that I am, I inspected every bag to find the one with the most purple/grapes (only two in a bag?!). I like all the colors, except brown, I think it's a texture thing, but especially the grape ones cause they're the best.


I go back to the office, open up my bag and select a red one to eat for lunch. I offer one to my office mate and tell her "Just don't take one of the purple/grape ones cause they're my favorite." So what does she do? She hunts around the bag and takes one of the two grapes. I kinda did a "Dude! seriously?" and she just laughed and said, "well, really it's more blue, and these ones are the best flavor anyways." No apology, nothing.

I get that it's fairly silly, but how inconsiderate can you be? Seriously, it's embarrassing to be in public right now, she knows how I feel, and she still did that. I just told her to remember this as why I won't be offering to share anything with her again in the future.

I get that I'm sensitive right now cause I don't feel good, but don't fuck with my fucking tootsie roll pops!

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