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And now a rant about my landlord...

I finally have the time and energy to try to actually cook something nice and healthy...and my kitchen light blows up.

It's a fluorescent light, and it made a weird noise and went out, so I replaced the bulbs with brand new ones, and it's still not working. So I called the landlord, and he said it's probably the ballast and he'll look at it this week. But I have no windows in my kitchen, so it is dark. Damnit.

This is on top of the fact that they were supposed to replace my screen door a month ago! It's all rusted and the cats keep getting out because it won't shut fully. If I shut the front door, then I have no air flow through my house at all. So a month ago they went out and bought a new screen door. And it's been sitting on my porch ever since. I have offered to help them install it, they say no, they'll get to it. I asked to borrow the tools so I can do it myself, and they said oh, they'll get to it this weekend.


So now I have no idea how long I will be out a kitchen light, and I'm sure they'll use that as an excuse to delay installing my new door, too.

I am so fucking pissed right now. I am going to to store to buy smokes. And probably buy some shitty fast food since I can't see well enough in my kitchen to actually cook anything. Fuck.

ETA: OMG. My phone call must have pissed him off, because now he and his wife are in another screaming match. FML. I wish I could afford to move, but I'm really stuck here for the time being. The rent is (relatively) cheap, and they allow my cats.

Edited again: The wife just stormed out of the house after an epic fight that lasted about 30 minutes. I like her, but I do not like him. Now I feel bad.

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