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And now I can ALSO publish on Groupthink!!

There must have been a mass approval or something.

I have spent the last week or so turning into a Cumberbitch. Someone convinced me to watch Sherlock, which I did and loved, but I still thought "oh, this is just a great show, and yeah, he's a GREAT actor, blah blah" but then I watched something in which he had a love scene and bam.


And since I'm obsessive and also miserably depressed and avoiding real life every possible minute when I'm not at work or dealing with my children, I'm looking for MOAR! MOAR Cumberbatch! And there's just not nearly enough on Netflix. *sob*

So whoever it was last week who I told I "just didn't get the Cumberbatch thing" can feel free to say you told me so.

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