I've had laryngitis since Monday. It started out as Crackwhore Minnie Mouse Voice, but now it's turned into Absolutely No Voice At All. Which means this is me at work, all


trying to communicate. It's not very effective, and my boss was all "You have NO VOICE AT ALL? You can't really work like that."


I left early and had the Rat Husband take me to Urgent Care to at least try to do something helpful. I've come away with a "throat infection" diagnosis, and a script for antibiotics and an admonition to NOT TALK. I will try and make an appointment with my regular GP, but I am scheduled to work straight through until Thursday, and I don't see my voice coming back unless the Z-Pac has super-magical properties. This is going to be a rough week, y'all.


P.s.: I've got honey throat drops, but I can't gargle with salt water unless I wanna hurl all over the place, esp. with the wonderful antibiotic stomach issues I seem to be having. Anybody have any soothing ideas that don't involve citrus? My throat is really hurting, more than it was on Monday.