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Like a dumbass, I was walking around in my house without shoes this evening. I know that I am an accident prone person, and generally wear shoes AT ALL TIMES because of my tendency to walk into things like door frames and furniture. Well, guess who was texting while walking and walked right into a large piece of furniture and has her left foot iced right now because she can't put weight on it without significant pain happening? This girl, that's who! Guess who needs to work in a trip to the doctor to get my foot X rayed if it hurts this bad tomorrow? Why, ME of course! Hey, I've already thrown one pity party for myself, looks like I need to throw another, in the space of less than a week! Yay! Just after I started to feel less shitty because I actually had lots of fun at my high school reunion, and started thinking about planning some girls' night out activities and stuff, I may be in a big space boot and have to be off my feet for awhile. Want to try to get ahead in the housework? Or get back into an excersize routine? Silly human! The ability to get shit done isn't for you!

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