TW: Violence

There was a shooting at Purdue University in the Electrical Engineering building (where I spent a lot of my time during my time as a student there) and one person was killed. The police think the suspect deliberately targeted the victim, and thankfully, nobody else was injured and the police responded quickly to the situation. I feel awful for the victim and his/her family (as of writing this, the victim has not yet been identified) and for all of the students who had to witness or go through the aftermath of something so traumatic.

I'm a bit shaken, as both institutions I attended as an undergrad have now been the scene of school shootings. I graduated from NIU two months before the February 14th mass shooting happened where five people and gunman lost their lives with another twenty-one being hurt. I remember attending the memorial service and bawling my eyes out into the fur of one of the comfort dogs that had been brought to campus by a group to help those who needed it. I remember feeling the sense of security and safety shattered by an awful act of violence.

What the fuck is going on? How have we as a society come to a point where school shootings are a regular thing? How the fuck has no meaningful gun control passed? What will it take before we actually do something productive to end the violence other than make stupid statements like "if the students and/or teachers had been armed, they could've stopped this!" like people made after the NIU and Sandy Hook shootings?

I'm sorry for the rage, but I'm very upset right now and heartbroken that this has seemingly become the new normal. No parent should have to mourn the a child who dies during an act of school violence. No student should have to live in fear of a gunman coming into his/her classroom. This needs to stop.


ETA: Thanks to Kruzr for pointing out that I cut myself off in the first paragraph. I was typing in stream-of-consciousness mode and didn't even notice it!