Well, it's fucking cold Chip.

Chip: How cold is it? Meteorogically speaking?

Bears: Well, I'm looking at the Accu-forecast weather map here in the studio, Chip, and it's telling me that it is, in fact, cold as balls.

Chip: And what would you recommend our viewers at home do, Bears?

Bears: Well, Chip, I'd recommend that they order in Chinese food, open several bottles of wine and and hide under a pile of blankets to watch Treme and Masters of Sex.

Chip: And for people who have to go out in tonight's weather?

Bears: May god have mercy on their souls, Chip, may god have mercy on their souls.


Chip: That's Bears L. Honey with the weather. Now back to the stuido where a well groomed white lady will tell us the true meaning of Christmas: No Jews.