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And now Siren is sulking around

All depressed like. *Sigh. Poor baby :/

She doesn't want to eat and she's all "meh" whenever I try to love her. I feel bad.

There's no way she caught something from him, right? They were close to each other, sort of, but he was in the carrier and she was outside just looking at him. They didn't get close enough to touch, and I know for a fact neither bit, scratched or even licked the other. So chances are she's just sad, not sick, right?! Cuz if my cat dies I'll flip the fuck out.


Even if he does have an upper respiratory infection and she caught it, it wouldn't, like, kill her immediately, would it? The vet said that if has one, it's not a big deal, so if she happened to catch it she should be ok, I imagine?

I have to take her to the vet soon anyway. I'm just all nervous and shit. She couldn't get super sick this quickly from him just being the house, could she? Am I just being crazy and over-tired here? I feel like I am.

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