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Yesterday I asked about your favorite teachers. Teachers are awesome folk, so there were some wonderful stories there that gave me the warm fuzzies. But now I want the other side. Pretty much everyone has had at least one teacher who gave the others a bad name—so share with the class so we can laugh/cringe/cry with you.


I've had teachers that were worse at actually teaching things, but hands down my least favorite teacher was my 11th grade American Lit teacher—funnily enough, the class was taught with AP US History, which was taught by one of my favorite teachers. This tacher was against mandatory vaccination because he doesn't like the idea of shooting up children with all sorts of chemicals and shit before they can even walk. He thinks the public school system is a brainwashing factory that doesn't actually teach you anything; he recommended this book (and others by the same author) to us several times. (We had to do three critical analyses of books of our choice throughout the year; that was my second. I was not kind. And yes, I did go to public school.) He really wasn't big on encouraging people to go to college, because there are plenty of people who didn't have college degrees, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates—or even high school degrees, like Ben Franklin! He liked to talk about how trees and yogurt have feelings. He took forever to grade things and/or made us grade each others' work because he didn't think teachers should have to spend all of their non-school time on work. (He did not apply this same logic to students; we mostly learned by reading the 1400-page lit textbook and then discussing it in class. The whole thing. Plus eight novels, IIRC.) He loooooves Catcher in the Rye.

He did take paternity leave when his daughter was born, though, which wins him some points. And he let us take apart the window and spend a class period hanging out on the roof, which was awesome. (As long as we wrote two poems about it.)

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