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And now the 'mom switch' is set to ON

WeePiglet has been eating a lot of pizza today, so I wasn't surprised when she complained of tummy pain. I gave her half a Pepcid (on advice of her doctor) since we didn't have any Pepto-Bismol in the house. Now she's all "my chest hurts! I have a headache!" Both are side-effects of Pepcid.

Both are also side effects of playing Super Mario Brothers with Daddy, and all the yelling and jumping around that happens along with that.

My "mom switch" however, has been flipped and now I'm going to be all weird and hover-y all night and I won't sleep because I'll be checking on her every 15 minutes. Even though the rational part of my brain knows that she's just overstimulated (and over-pepperoni'd), the rest of me is all "MY PRECIOUS BABY."


Sigh. The things we do for these small people...

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