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And our average age is... (drumroll)

Ages ago (in internet time. Maybe a month or so ago in RL) I asked everyone how old they were. I got hundreds of responses, and since I can occasionally be obsessive about data, I logged each one in a spreadsheet so that I could calculate the average age. And then my computer restarted (THANKS WINDOWS), and I thought I lost it all.

I just opened Excel (since I'm 'working' from home today) and saw that I had a mysterious file called "Book 1" in my recovered documents. I clicked on it, and lo and behold, there were everyone's ages!

So- the average age of the commenters who replied to my post is 32 (My age! For another month :/ ) The mode age (the age that came up the most) was 27. The youngest commenter was 15 (and extremely articulate, I have to add), and the oldest was 71.


Thanks to Sunshine Day's handy online tool, here's a pretty histogram of the data:

Story645 did even more with the numbers!


Yay data!

*ETA- The mode age was originally listed as 29, but that was a typo.

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