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It’s the Annoying Inlaws’s moving day. ABiL posted this to Facebook this morning:

This does not bode well.

Apparently our MiL went over there to help pack during the week, and she packed 7 boxes to ASiL’s 1. ASiL apparently blamed it on her ADD.


I suppose it could be true, but that just suggests to me that she is really not onboard with today’s move, as looming deadlines tend to add the kick of neurotransmitters that help ADHDers gett ‘er done. I don’t understand why she is insisting that she doesn’t have to be moved until Oct 1. She can’t drive, so she kind of has to bend to the schedule of person who does.

They got the keys to the new place on Thursday, and ABiL wanted to sleep in the new house, but she refused, saying she wouldn’t “sleep on the floor like a barbarian”. Seems a bit odd, since she describes herself as an outdoorsy person and she and ABiL used to be Scout leaders (it’s how they met). Also, I’d have though she’d prefer to get out of the mould.

(ABiL wanted to sleep at the new house, because they have already registered Niece at the school by the new house, and she is bused to school, so the bus picks her up in front of the new house. Being there Friday morning would have saved him having to drive her to the new house for her pickup.)

The only thing I can figure here is that she is afraid of the fact that they are moving into a rental without selling their house, and the longer she avoids packing and moving in, the longer she can pretend it isn’t happening.


I don’t know right now if we will be going to help them move after all. Mr. I got sick last night. He hasn’t been vomitting, but he is nauseated and dizzy. He says he has to go, but last night he had trouble walking to our bedroom from the dizziness, so unless that has improved (he is still in bed) there’s no way he can carry boxes.

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