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And That My Friends, Is How You Ask Someone Out.

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By simply telling the truth.

There’s a guy in my wider social circle whom I think is really cute and really interesting. However, he’s super shy, so it’s been difficult for me to get to know him because it can be difficult to engage in conversation in the types of social functions we usually see each other at. (Although its clear that once he gets to know you, the timidity goes away - he has a wide circle of friends and has a full social life).


All I want is to get to know him better. So this morning, I finally mustered up the courage and sent him a message saying : “Hey, wanna go grab a drink sometime so that we can get to know each other better?”

Truth and honesty! I feel like I’m winning at adulting at dating, finally! And if he’s not interested, he’ll just quietly/awkwardly avoid me :-P


Also, I know that the pic is being proud of getting your laundry done, but I was too lazy to crop out the laundry machine. The sentiment is the same though.

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