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And the "Acceptable" Relationship Parameters Keep Narrowing

I know, I know - Prudie has all kinds of relationship rules. And it isn’t that her advice to the LW to take a new relationship slowly is wrong, but a lack of judgment, because of the age difference and her having kids? (Alcohol abuse is something else.) Yeah, maybe they’re all wrong for each other, and at different stages in life, or not.I’ll admit to being cautious over an age difference, but it really depends on the person involved. 26 isn’t a teenager, and it isn’t the same as being 19 or 20 and involved with someone twice as old. And hey, lots of 20-somethings have kids too, or are divorced, and it might not be as simple as a sign of immaturity.

Unrelated: I feel like she’s run a couple versions of that twin brother/accidental sex with girlfriend letter before.

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