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StorminMike2000, for his passionate belief that the only way we can possibly hope to end rape culture is for (male, obviously) assholes to write blog posts explaining why men raping unconscious women harms no one and should be legal, and that their bodies are just "benefits" for men to "reap"! [Gawker]

I know that this is an exercise that most people don't actually do. We know rape is bad so we avoid committing rape. The problem is that while the explanation "Because it's not nice" is appropriate for the intellectual capabilities of most elementary schoolers, it isn't a satisfactory response given the intellectual capabilities of most adults. We can do better and the better we do, the closer we get to eliminating the rape culture. How do you expect to eliminate the rape culture when you cannot even logically explain why we shouldn't rape?


You will no doubt be amazed to learn that it never occurs to either StorminMike2000 or the original author to extend the question of rape harmfulness to unconscious men—men remain human in any state, obviously.

ETA: Sorry, I'm a moron and totally didn't realize the post wasn't current.

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