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Welcome To The Bitchery

So last night, we went to the 40th birthday party for a friend. My annoying brother-in-law and sister-in-law were there.


What did annoying BiL and SiL give to the birthday boy? A guide book for New Fathers.

The birthday boy has no children. His wife is not pregnant. They are trying, but before the gifts were being handed out, the groom told me they are definitely not pregnant yet.

When the birthday boy got married last fall, ASiL thought it was *hilarious* to give them a baby blanket as a present. She told the story repeatedly at the reception, while giggling.

I dunno about the rest of of you, but where I was raised it is considered bad form to give couples who are not pregnant and have no children baby related stuff. It's a bit of a jinx. Also, what if they go on to have fertility problems? Every time they come across your stupid baby blanket in the linen cupboard, it's like rubbing salt in the wound.

Also, It's rather strange that they seem so enthusiastic about Birthday boy and his wife getting pregnant, when ASiL has made comments about how anyone who isn't as fit as she was when she got pregnant just shouldn't get pregnant because it will be just toooo hard for them. (For ASiL fit = wearing a size two. No other factors come into her consideration.)

She's also made some comments to Mr. I's family about how my weight must be the reason that we haven't got pregnant yet, and Birthday Boy's Wife is heavier than I am.


Oh, and for those of you familiar with stories about my ABiL&SiL, I'll answer the question you probably have:

Yes. The book was secondhand. And a slightly beat up paperback published in the 90's at that.

Oh, and apparently before we got to the party, ASiL was going on and on about how Birthday Boy's house is completely unchildproofable, and how their house is a bastion of baby safety.

Their house, with a good 20 board games stuffed under the coffee table and futon in the room where the baby plays, where ASiL keeps all her daily pills on a low shelf easily reachable by a toddler standing on the couch, where Mommy left baby in the living room all by herself while Mommy gardened outside, and baby figured out how to open the back screen door, and tumbled out on to the stairs?

The same place where ASiL says that baby gets her hands on Mommy's coffee cup *every day* and spills it all over herself?


I wonder if she ever listens to herself talk, and thinks "Hmm, maybe I should stop telling stories about my parenting style that could be used against me in court if I am ever charged with reckless child endangerment?"

ETA: Oh, and perhaps you shouldn't go on and on about how you are taking a trip to Europe in the fall at the same time that you give someone a secondhand paperback for their 40th birthday.

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