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And the Number One Cause of Rape Is...

I'm really glad for all the latest concern-trolling that's aimed at "protecting" women from getting raped. This one and this one come to mind. (This backpedaling is not much better.)

But I've done some of my own research on sexual assault — not just on campuses but in dark alleys, elevators, parking lots, houses, yogurt shopping, and anywhere else one of us ladies dares to go unaccompanied.


It turns out that rapists are the number one cause of rape. Who knew?

Furthermore, it turns out that rape has nothing to do with:

  • getting drunk,
  • leaving your windows open,
  • walking alone at night,
  • attending a homecoming weekend at your alma mater,
  • being sexually active or not,
  • working late,
  • sneaking out,
  • driving a car,
  • having long hair,
  • taking public transportation,
  • staying out past curfew,
  • short skirts,
  • being poor,
  • using drugs,
  • being a sex worker,
  • being married or single,
  • living on the ground floor,
  • and other arbitrary reasons incorporated by defense attorneys, my mother, and FOX News as a way to blame the victim and "explain away" the rapist's behavior.

So there you have it, ladies! You're welcome!

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