ABiL emailed his Dad today, saying that he wants to talk about moving into his Dad's rental property.

Background is here, if you didn't see my last post. Apparently in the email, he actually said he would prefer to get the house my FiL lives in, because "it will give my family more room to grow." One house is three bedroom, the other is four.

We figure he has gotten so attached to his piles of crap, that he now considers them part of his family, and he wants to give them room to grow.

ABiL is ballsy, if nothing else.

Oh, and on a semi related note, Mr I talked to ABiL about starting an RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) for the niece. ABiL responded: "Great. I already started one. You can contribute to it." This would give ABiL control of the money Mr. I wants to invest for the niece. When Mr. I was a kid, his Dad started one for him, only to pull the money out to put new carpet in the house. Mr. I paid his own way through University as a result. He does not want to trust ABiL with the money, but there are tax implications if he starts a second one. *sigh*