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What a tangled web we weave.

"I quickly noticed that there was no social media presence, no petitions, no action cry. So pathetically I set out to create a Facebook page and Twitter account for the cause...then I began tweeting and hashtagging one particular phrase #bringbackourgirls," she said in an April 30 message about herself on her Facebook page.

In fact, Ms. Mosley also helped direct the film "Girl Rising," a well-received documentary about the global struggle to educate girls, and her effort to draw attention to the kidnappings is part of a push by The Documentary Group, a for-profit company, to promote the project world-wide.

CNN Films paid $500,000 last year for three years' rights to the film, and will air it again on CNN International this weekend.

CNN had no comment.

She intentionally didn't disclose her involvement with her documentary, and purposely pushed herself into the forefront of this story to garner publicity for herself.


ETA: Apparently, "TOM YELLIN the exec prod of Girls Rising was... wait for it.. A PRODUCER AT ABCNEWS.*"


So what it looks like, is that we have a concerted effort to push this woman to the forefront of this issue in order to promote her film. AWESOME.

Not a single person better tell me that this was an innocent mistake. This was a calculated fraud. FUCK EVERYTHING.


*quoted from a tweet. Didn't embed because I don't want to send people in her direction unnecessarily.

ETA#2: What also makes this super annoying/suspect is that up until today, her twitter was personal, now it's wrapped in bring back our girls banners, and her association wit the doc is disclosed in her bio. She purposely tried to defraud people and get away with it, and is backtracking now that she got caught. Not to mention, she still hasn't really apologized. She needs to be as public and open about apologizing as she was about claiming credit for other people's labour.

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