So earlier in the week, Mr Ivriniel provided them with 2 samples. After the first one, they asked him to supply another, which he did. We heard nothing after that sample, so assumed it was fine.

Well just now they defrosted it, and said the count was too low, and they don't recommend it for IUI. So Mr. I is now trying to give them yet another sample.

They did test a sample from him months ago, but since then his GP increased his dose on a drug that can interfere with sperm production. We told the Fertility Doctor about him being on these meds, twice. So I am a bit put out that we went though all this only to run into this NOW, after I've been shot ful of meds all month.


He's been off those meds for the past few days because he ran out, and the Pharmacy doesn't have it. So fingers crossed, his count has rebounded a bit.


So we haven't heard about the sample yet, but Mr I says it had the lowest volume of any he did this week so we are not optimistic.

Also I just googled the type of IVF the nurses were saying the Doctor is now recommending for another cycle and it is one they use with extremely low sperm counts: ICSI, where they actually inject an individual sperm into an egg.

So disappointed. And a bit POed with Mr. I because I have been trying to get him to aggressively discuss his meds with his GP for months, but she keeps putting him off. Also more POed with his sucky GP who never listens to him, or any other of his family members who are her patients.


Poor Mr I is miserable. He feels like a total failure.