an aspiring doctor and single mother who did not twerk at all in her application video!

Juicy J rewarded her for being hard-working and actually reading the rules of the scholarship, which made clear that no twerking was necessary to be considered for the scholarship.

The Huffington Post reports:

"A lot of people thought you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules," she said in the announcement video Monday.

"$50,000 is a lot of money, and I just don't wanna waste it on just some chick twerking her ass," the rapper also said in the video. He is later seen telling Holmes that he identifies with her.

"I came from nothing," he told the young mom. "You remind me of myself. When I was 19, I was like really, really working hard."

This almost makes up for making me throw up in my mouth a little when Juicy J first announced on Twitter that he was giving out a scholarship "to the best chick that can twerk." While it's terrific and laudable that he is giving back to his community, why call it a twerking scholarship in the first place? Is this change of direction just a PR move? If his intention all along was to give out the scholarship based on other merits, then gathering videos of young women bouncing their ass for your money and then saying "sorry that's not what I'm looking for" feels exploitative and a little cruel.

AND ANOTHER THING. The scholarship is open only to women. Because of course it is. A scholarship for men only would never be called a twerking scholarship or anything close to that. In fact, I'm offering $2 and an old bag of Twix bars (that are not technically expired) to anyone who can show me a male equivalent of this scholarship.


Note to self: look into procedure for setting up the official Hiddles-Hips Scholarship for the best dude who can Hiddles-hips.