Drumroll, please.

Ossifrage and ElJay42!

You have won the Fancy Fucks. Hit me up.

(I chose Ossifrage as a winner—three good ones!—and put everyone with five or more recommends into a hat to choose the second winner).

ETA: By request, I present the winning puns.


With a combined 11 recommends WE HAVE OSSIFRAGE! *the crowd goes WILD*

** And let's not forget that we have k2b and Burt Reynolds IMSG with the assists **

Ossifrage: I'm not sure if I have the time to stay abreast of the competition. Yesterday 3:27pm


k2b: If I had a nipple for every time someone cupped out of a pun run, I'd be rolling in C-notes. (At least 38 of them.) Yesterday 3:30pm


Ossifrage: I'd bra-bably be all about tit, but I need to get done all the work I cans. I'm just going to have to say tatas for now. Yesterday 3:42pm


BRIMSG: I'm flat out of ideas for this conetest.Yesterday 3:34pm


Ossifrage: Titty puns or bust! Yesterday 5:43pm


ElJay42: I give this post a Double D minus. It is abreast with foul language that does nothing but cause people to bust out mammary-themed puns like a total boob. I just had to get that off my chest, because I usually find your posts on groupthink above mindless titillation.


Shout out to everyone who was in the hat: Professor Pink, BRIMSG, rawrglicious, LaComtesse, fattyfattybumbum70, JustASmore, and JessPhilopater! Thanks to everyone for the puns!