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Welcome To The Bitchery

Nick Ross, rape expert calls for a degrees of rape. Y'know, to be based on the time of day, the victim's wardrobe and alcohol choices, and, though he doesn't say it, we assume her sexual habits.


Wearing an attractive outfit late at night, reeking of post-work cocktail? Third-degree rape: you were asking for it.

Nick Ross, rape expert compares rape to other crimes, in another interview. Left your laptop in the seat of your car? You deserve to have it stolen. Made out with a guy you liked on a date you consented to and it went farther than you wanted? Second degree rape: you weren't asking for it, but You Should Know Better.

Hey, Nick Ross, rape expert: I don't like wish violence or traumatic experience on anyone, but the next time something really crummy happens to you because sometimes people are crummy, I hope you'll take a big step back and ask yourself what you should have done to prevent it.

I'm going to be over here, hoping you never have a wife, daughter, sister, or mother come to you looking for sympathy.

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