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And this is the reason you never ask, "What else could possibly happen?"

You know why you never ask that? Because the gods will laugh at you. I now have a nasty ear infection. The same kind as the one that put me in the hospital and nearly killed me 2 years ago. Just in case having my gall bladder suddenly freak out on me wasn’t enough, now I get this to deal with, too. :(

For extra annoyance, I went to the doctor, and he says it looks like I might be starting an infection, but his attitude was that he’s really just giving me the antibiotic drops to make me happy. It hurts to chew, or swallow, or even just sit there doing nothing. I can’t lay down or lean on that side, my hearing is muffled, and Almost-MIL says I’m all puffy on that whole side of my face, but hey! Looks like I’m fine. WTF? Where do they find these guys?

Well, hopefully, the ear drops will cut this one off before it gets so bad again. I don’t really care if the doctor believes me, as long as he gives me the stuff to get better (that sounds awful, but I can’t think of a better way to phrase it. When this happened last time, I went to 2 doctors and the ER before it blew up so bad I was hospitalized, and they were all “well, it doesn’t look bad...” so I’m a little untrusting this time.)

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