Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have said again and again how much I love my job. For the first time ever, I get to be a total nerd about something and make money while doing it.

The real issue is that I have seething misanthropy just below the surface of a slightly excitable, very dorky but amenable woman, and as soon as I am proved right in my cynicism about my fellow human beings with whom I'm forced to work, I lose my shit.


Case in point: just found out that my bosses are trying to hire our [idiot*] winemaker to manage sales in the state. They promised me, as the top sales person, that position as soon as I hit my year mark. Moreover, they restructured our payplan recently to essentially pay me less because I was out earning my peers hand over fist, while doing the work of two people (sales & marketing). I am beyond enraged, but can't do or say a damn thing about it.

Imma let Our Lord and Savoir Bill Murray handle this:

Illustration for article titled And This Is Why I Cant Hold Down a Job

*I say idiot because he's offensive (he belittles other winemakers to customers) and smokes. HOW DO YOU TASTE WINE WHEN YOU SMOKE? Even the French winemakers don't smoke, you ass!

Thanks for listening, GT. You guys are the bestest.

ETA: I just noticed I called Bill Murray "Our Lord and Savoir", rather than "Our Lord and Savior", and I kind of love that typo.

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