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And this is why I don't talk to people at work

So I was in the office today, getting some work done. The place was pretty dead because of the holiday. There were a few people hanging around and I ran into a guy I see around sometimes in the office kitchen.

I don't know him well, just by site. I have no idea what department he's in or his name but we do that respectful waive/headbob song and dance when we pass each other in the hallway.


So we're doing that awkward conversation thing and he asks me how my cat is doing.

I don't have a cat. I guess I look as if I should have cats, or act like I should? Should I be insulted?

I just kind of look at him and then my confused, surprised brain made my treacherous tongue say that my cat was doing fine.

*facepalms* So I guess now I'm the proud new owner of an imaginary cat.

See, this is why I don't talk to people.

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