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Welcome To The Bitchery
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And to shake your booty means to wiggle one's butt

So last night me and the ol’ Boyfriend decided to hit the clubs in the first time in forever. Aside from feeling tragically, terribly old(Seriously, when did they start letting young children into bars? I want to call their parents. Especially on the 20 year old-ish hot ones) it was actually a terrific night of fun.

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I like Dancing afterall. And while I’m sure I’ve inherited a ton of goofy white dude traits, being unable to dance isn’t one of them. So GT, because I’m sure some of you are also boogie-down rumpshakers, I thought I’d throw out a “what music makes you tap your feet sort of question”. I’ll share a couple from last night to start us off.

Brandon Flowers - I Can Change

Seriously, I’m not a Killers guy but the new Brandon Flowers album is amazing. Capital A, Capital Zing.


Wilkinson - Afterglow

Also, the video’s a lot of fun.

So GT, what gets you dancin’?

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