Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Do you guys ever get so many bills in a day that it is panic inducing? I was all excited this morning because one of my credit accounts was settling our account for half of what we owe AND letting us pay it in 3 payments.
Then, I had to go get some medicine from the mail and boom! Every reminder possible that we'll paying shit off forever. And I have to call and deal with our student loans. I'm sorry I'm so complain-y. I know I'm lucky that we'll be able to pay these off eventually and lucky I was able to go to college.
But, it was the damn $35.00 bill that put me over the edge. The smallest, by FAR (like super-duper far) set off my immediate hide in bed reflex.

I'm mentally pointing out all the reasons I'm so very fortunate, but I'm hoping the panic-attack Xanax will help.

I have a serious question, because I feel alone amongst the few real life friends I have, I know a lot of Group Thinkers are struggling to stay afloat, as are we, but do any of you guys have this issue? Like so much debt it hurts your head to think about?

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