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Now Lack is dropping Alex Wagner’s planned show and looks like she is gone. Lack has also totally ignored Jose Diaz Balart. He will NOT be part of the Florida primary coverage. He anchors from Miami.

Lack’s plan is obvious turn MSNBC into the White News Network (I suspect Tamron Hall will be phased out too like they did Balart). Its just to get the Trump supporters to view and position itself as Trump Whitehouse goto network like FNC was to President Bush.

I thought Zucker was bad but Andrew “white only news” Lack is worse. He dumped Reverand Al, Joy Reid’s show, Toure, Melissa Harris Perry and now it seems probable Alex Wagner now it seems Jose Diaz Balart.


Why do we need 4 hours of Scarborough? Isn’t three too many?

I assume when Trump complains about Rachel Maddow Lack will dump her.

Well looks like I will just leave CNN only for news and Bloomberg for financial news.


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