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I woke up this morning at 6 (yay, summer classes) and went out to have my morning smoke. I'm half awake and I'm wondering why my car looks so weird, I didn't see any sort of shine on the passenger window. So I walk over to my car and I realize that the window has been smashed in and there is glass everywhere and everything is horrible. As far as I know, they didn't take anything. The door was even still locked.The radio is still there and the car still operates. I did have a tote bag on the floor that had snacks in it, but the snacks were dumped on the seat. I guess they didn't like chocolate pudding.

I want to know who on Earth would see my car and even think there might be something valuable in it. It has fading paint on the top, the driver's side is dented, my driver side mirror is taped on, and the passenger side is covered in coral paint from that one time a year ago where I ran over a paint can that fell out of a truck. I don't think I would ever think, "Hey, that person with the beat to hell PT Cruiser has money."


I'm really wondering if my landlord or one of his goonies did it. We are moving out by the first, at his insistence. He was harassing us about the grass again (supposed to be his job), and we told him we would mow the grass when he makes repairs to the property. After that, he pretty much told us to leave (but he's keeping our deposit).

What makes this even creepier, is I mow the grass. We only have an old push mower (no gas, no battery, just all manpower). He sent a text saying that a push mower wasn't good enough and we were going to have to get something better. I'm creeped out because our landlord lives about 15 minutes away. How does he know I mow with a push mower? Is he or someone in the neighborhood watching me? I've been thinking he's had someone watching us or he watches us, since he knows from 15 minutes away if there are more than just our cars parked on the street.

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