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Angry at Everything (TW self harm)

What do you do when those thoughts come creeping in, little by little at first, until they swamp your brain?

I am mad at myself lately. I have been procrastinating and it's getting close to the end of the semester. I've made a lot of great progress this year and I am proud of that, but still when I screw something up I get so pissed at myself. Why can't I be better at getting stuff done? Why am I such a failure of adulting?


I feel completely overwhelmed with the work that remains before the semester is over. I am generally a lot better than I was a few months ago, but the deadlines are all coming up fast and I am freaking out.

And it's when I am angry at myself that the thoughts of self-harm, which usually don't bother me that much, get really bad. I haven't acted on them and I don't think I will, be the thoughts are just THERE, persistent, endless.


(Comic is from Hyperbole and a Half, the best web comic for depression probably ever. All credit to her, none to me!)

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