Has this gem made the rounds, yet?

It was shared on Facebook by a guy I knew in high school. (It's funny, because we were talking about him last night.)

Incidentally, he was the gent who made me aware that I might elected President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. The helpful soul who pointed out, "You're a lot easier to look at with makeup," and recommended that I invest in some concealer for my sixteen year-old, acne-prone skin. The one who introduced me to the term saddlebags. See also: thunder thighs.

What's that, sir? You're worried about your daughters being taught to objectify themselves? That is, in truth, so very rich.

Disclaimer: Don't even get me started on the author's note at the end. "We need to teach women ..."?

Women didn't teach me to hate the way I looked. The douche-canoe sharing your open letter to your kid taught me to hate the way I looked. The patriarchy starts at home, "gentlemen" - check out your mirror.