What do you listen to when you’re angry?

When I’m in a pissed off mood I go full junior high emo and listen to The Used. Their first two albums had a lot of emotional energy that I crave when I’m angry:

The Used: Maybe Memories

I also turn to Rage Against the Machine, this particular song is on repeat for me right now:

RATM: Revolver

Although usually I like their first album better.

I seem to have a mental block on artists after their 3rd albums and I don’t know why.

So what do you turn to when you’re angry? Something happy to counter balance it? Something incoherent screaming? Political? Emotional? Sad? What’s your jam?

I wish I had the talent to form an all-girl Rage Against the Machine cover band and call it Fields Without Fences don’t steal my idea or I’ll be mad!