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Angry Rant

So, this is partly my fault, because I haven't balanced my checkbook in two months, but STILL.

I paid my rent last month. When I was paying my rent, I checked my bank account online, as people are wont to do. More than enough money for rent for the next two months, plus extra for Christmas and food and such. So I write out my check and we give the entire amount for the house to our landlady on the first of the month.

December is hellish exam month in law school, so I have been eating out a lot and not cooking because studystudystudy. Not responsible, I know, but my account looked great. I checked again last week, and I had plenty of money to cover Christmas and rent. I didn't look too closely — just at the balance — but that was fine, so I went on my merry way.


Today, because rent will be due at the end of the month and I go home for Christmas tomorrow, I check my balance as I am writing my rent check out. I HAVE $70 IN MY ACCOUNT. WHAT THE HELL? My landlady didn't cash last month's rent check until YESTERDAY, so between finals weird food habits and Christmas and extra big bills for heating/gas/water this month, I literally have no money.

Normally I am much more responsible with balancing my checkbook, but my life has literally been eat-sleep-study-see boyfriend a little-sleep-eat-study since Thanksgiving, so I wasn't paying as close of attention. Now I am waiting to see if I can get an advance on my student loans for next semester to cover rent. Still, I have never had a landlord wait three weeks to cash a rent check! So glad I checked BEFORE overdrawing my account by $400.


ETA: My uber-awesome Dean of Students says I can get it tomorrow afternoon as long as I get the paperwork in by noon tomorrow. So much relief. Still angry at landlady for dillydallying with my rent check. AND I have an essay due tomorrow, so this will eat into time for that. Gonna write late tonight to get it all done, I guess.

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