I'm going to go bananas. Full-blown bananas. From my Facebook feed:

[edit: anyone know how to make the images expandable? I am sort of an idiot with this stuff and that looks teeny!]


Why is it that people feel the need to interject this in a conversation that is about white people being terrible? So people of color can hate white people too? AMAZING! So if I don't want white people to be racist, I must be giving people of color a free pass to be racist? OF COURSE.

My friend responded (I didn't want to paste the whole conversation):

That's definitely true, but all the people they are showing are definitely white, so that's not really the issue.

Much calmer and less belligerent than I would have been.

When we are talking about a person of color being treated like this, there is no place in the conversation for a "but sometimes ____[non-white color]____ people do _____[racist thing]_____ too!" GOT IT. But is this some battle in the war between Indian people and White people, that has been raging forever and Indian people have been holding the white people back? NO. GTFO, GTFO, GTFO.


WAHH. What about the white people? What about us poor white people, and how sometimes not every single thing is the most fair to us in some small situations sometimes? What's a white girl to do? I know, a white girl is to point out exactly how she is a victim. Being sad sometimes, or working hard and not always getting what I want - that means victim, right guise? Or that black girl in high school who told me she hated white girls - that makes me a victim of racial oppression, right?

Until the majority of the people in power are using your ethnic/racial background in order to trample upon your achievements and hold you back from accomplishing more, or making assumptions about you based on what other members of your race have done or have been rumored to do, or not hiring you/not trusting you/not believing you - you can fuck off, white person. You can fuck right off.


Look, I am white, and I am not stupid enough to think that racism has negatively affected my life in any way (other than the fact that being around it makes my blood pressure skyrocket). I recognize this white person need to claim something as yours - the victimization, the otherness. I recognize this need to drag others down with you - "we can't be the only racist ones, right?" as if there is no difference between being the people of power in a racist scenario and the oppressed race.

But there is a difference and I am GOING TO GO BANANAS.