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Animals being weird...

So I had a shitty night last night. Like, "staying up all night while crying and drinking wine" shitty. I don't want to rehash what happened last night, and instead would like to numb the pain with cute animal pictures.

Today's post was inspired by this cat. You may remember her from when you helped me name her.


That towel fell off the rack last week, and kitty started using it as a bed promptly. It is officially her favorite spot, so I haven't had the heart to pick the towel back up off the floor (I know, I know, by the toilet - cats are weird!). I took this earlier in the morning today and got the judgy eyes from her.

Here she is with my dog. You can't really tell but they were both grooming themselves at the time:

So, GT, please share your adorable/ridiculous animal photos below! The more ridiculous, the better. I swear sometimes animals make things better in a way that nothing else can.

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