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Animals with people's faces

OK you guys, I did not know this was a thing until just right now. What am I referring to, you ask? Animal with celebrity faces gifs.

Let the amazingly awesome/creepy gifs commence!

There's Robert Downey Jr ...


And Samuel Jackson (obviously) ...

There must be MOAR. Hivemind, do you have any more of these?! I feel like Channing Tatum needs to be baby seal.



Editing to add excellent user submissions!

I present, CumberOtter! Thanks RemediosVaro!


Non-animated (so normally wouldn't qualify) but IT'S LOCAL! Behold, Aurora F and Cat as Christopher Walken!


And Tom Hanks, first as a cat, and then as a terrifying mystery beast! Kudos to Aurora F!


Sloth DiCaprio is king of the world!


Here's one from Alter_Ego...


Here's Alan Rickman as a llama with BEWBS! This one I appropriated from MyPrettyFloralBonnet's post Because I know everyone was hoping for another post about bra shopping...

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