Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Otherwise known as, cable and internet are out, and I'm watching tons of movies while I stay off my foot for a day or two and hope it heals itself. It's like my own private film festival!

Makers: Women Who Make America
The PBS miniseries about the history of the women's movement. The ending remark that was along the lines of, current day young women may have all their rights stolen before they're convinced to get up and out into the streets again, partially inspired my ankle twist incident.

Chico and Rita, a lovely Cuban animated film about a piano player and singer who fall in love in Havana in the 50's. Amazing soundtrack, jazz, samba, etc, and whoever provided Rita's singing vocals is phenomenal. Voice like liquid silk, so smooth and achingly sensuous. The animators did a great job of showing all of the little side looks, shy smiles, lingering touches, etc between the two leads. It built tension that I didn't think an animated feature could really express so well. I had all the pantsfeels and heartfeels.


Girl With A Gun, a documentary about female gun ownership in the U.S. I need to rewatch this at some point, I think my sleeping medication kicked in somewhere around the middle, but the common thread between the women they profiled was that they were all attempting to gain some power that they felt society had stripped away from them afor being female, through gun ownership. They interviewed one woman who's a sex columnist in San Francisco and has had several stalkers, and feels she has no choice but to carry a firearm.

This morning:
50/50 I mean, come on, JGL is a top notch dreamboat. I enjoyed it for the most part, but the ending I thought was a little ooky (I won't ruin it, if anyone here hasn't seen it and is planning to.) Also, I don't want to like Seth Rogen as much as I do (in general, not just in this film.)

Next up: An Education, Spring Breakers, and a documentary about the West Memphis Three. The fest rages on!

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