Thank you all for your brilliant advice on how to best disrupt Ann Coulter from enjoying even one tiny moment in life. Some of the many amazing dinner-ruining plans put forth by GT:

Pose as a fan, and shocker-bomb a picture with her - Penabler

Ask her out on a date - PetticoatDespot

Slip the waiter some $$ to spill on her- PrettySerious

Telekinetic attack - Aurora F

and of course, REND HER - bumblecat

Sooooo what did I end up doing?

Uh....chickening out and settling for a VERY HARSH glare and fleeting middle finger. I passed, I overheard her saying, quote, "but besides, Chavez isn't really gone, he's clearly possessing Obama."

She is a vile person. I hope my glare expressed that.