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Annabelle Phew Glad I Paid Zero For This spoilers

I enjoyed The Conjuring and Insidious 1 and 2 by James Wan. This sequel to The Conjuring no.








It took place in the late 60s where hippies protested Vietnam War and conjured demons. Yeah being sarcastic wish the movie was too.


It was extremely stagey. Insidious 1 was stagey but this movie could easily be done on stage. The house and apartment were not that dissimilar.

The FX was totally cheap. Too much was based on sound and not seeing beyomd reactions. It was quite obvious a ghost or demon was moving the doll.


Expect the doll to talk? Turn its body? Nope. Yes its head was nce turned as if to listen but you never saw it move.

Annabelle was the name of a hippie who came home with her boyfriend and killed her parents and seriously attacked Mia who was pregnant and she and hubby lived nexr to Annabelle’s parents. Annabelle liked the doll and bleed on it. Annabelle killed herslf..


Mia and hubby moved to an apartment with the doll after their house burnt down. An apartment building seemingly empty. With the amount of screaming Mia does you would think someone would come to the door evenif its to yell back “cut it out”.

Alfre Woodward is wasted in this movie. Totally predictable ending.

Anyone see this? I saw it on the SyFy channel OnDemand.

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