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Anne Rice's defense of Deen reminded me...

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is the most fucking tiresome bit of erotica I've ever - EVER - read. And I read a lot of free shit on the Kindle, so you know that's saying something. (Never read SoG so no comment or comparison there.) I lurve me some nasty kink.

But I've got to bitch about this book for a minute. Here's my recap:
Sleeping Beauty is sleep-creep raped, then spanked. And spanked! Paddled, spank-paddled, paddle-spanked. Paddles for everyone! Spank, spank, borrrrrring humiliation scene, SPANKED, bitches! We see that she gets turned on, but if she ever consents is another question no one cares about being omg, everyone has paddles!

Christ on toast, getting into AR's fantasyland is no more fun than getting into her "lynch mob" ideas. Also, if you get the kindle version (hint, don't) you're treated to an entire long chapter/prologue explaining AR's feelings on her erotica. Spoiler: No one wrote the erotica that catered to her fucking neverending spanking fetish, apparently, so she had to, and people loved it, blah blah blah blah.


Goddamn I hate this book.

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