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I was at a thrift shop and saw the first two books of this trilogy. Its about what happens after Beauty is awoken except in Rice’s novel (first one) Rice writes the kiss is just symbolic it was really well sex. Yes with a sleeping woman.

I read the first two books in late 80s and hated them. I did spend full.price,.a rarity, so was determined to read it. It makes Exit to Eden seem PG13. An excellent novel. The Beauty books well first two was page after page bdsm, sex and humiiliation.

I looked it up on wikipedia to jolt my memory and was shocked the fourth book was just published in 2015.

Read Rice’s Interview With The Vampire, Vampire Lestat and the book about Vampire Armand. Also Exit to Eden. The movie Exit to Eden was stupid. No clue if the Witch books are good. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sleep… the link is a description of the series.


Anyone liked the Beauty novels?

The books at thrift shop was two dollars each.

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