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Annie's Books Anyone Deal With Them?

This seems mainly a New England business but a few outside. http://www.anniesbooks.com 

I always avoided them since they are credit goes for half a book. So a five dollar book I would use $2.50 credit and $2.50 in cash.

I always went to another bookstore like this but really annoyed with them. Credit is often just 25 cents per paperback novel  and yet they charge half off cover. Same with Annie’s but a quarter is too little. Oh they do not take everything. So I go to drop books off then half to go back to pick up what they do not want. No they do not go through your books while there.


Well when they return books they do not want they will tell you your credit. Last week I dropped off books and was told I was over ten dollars. Today I went to pick up the unwanted books the clerk told me my total credit was a quarter. A QUARTER. I said I had over ten last week and have bought nothing from them. The manager went through my history and he put in ten dollars. I swear it was over ten. I assume when they out in a quarter they overwrote my existing credit.

So to add insult to injury they changed their policy to each book is just half credit. It means I have to spend $10.25.

I am so annoyed. Their credit btw should be 1/3 off what they charge. So if they charge $3 for a book they should give $1 credit. Not $0.25.

What is Annie’s like for credit. Is it more generous? Also do they sell graphic novelsor manga?

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