I just realized that it's been about four months since exGod and I broke up and I still haven't bounced back from it emotionally. It's not about him anymore-I mean, I miss his company and he'll always have a place in my heart (and my spank bank)- it's more like the damage done by the breakup caused a crack in my psyche and all the previously stored up pain and stress just came spilling out like oil. It didn't help that other things started picking at other cracks at the same time. Sokka, my cousin, my close friend moving to Chicago—all that happened so soon after the breakup. I was so overwhelmed by everything.

The past four months have been largely a blur-no meaningful friendships made, no good books remembered, no gigs attained or chapters finished. As hard as I work with my therapist and at home I don't think I've really gotten better either. Maybe the payout is just around the corner, but right now this is disappointing on many levels.